About me

This is me when I started this blog:

Well, it must be procrastinati… I mean grant time, for I have started a new blog. I would reinstate my old one, but Apple want to charge me, while wordpress will do it for free. I have no idea what this will be about, but I do know it will be sporadic. If it is any reflection of me it will be recipes, health musings, book / film reviews, restaurant visits and travel tales. Maybe a few random thoughts. Likely a lot of random thoughts. The last one had snake escapes and time travel. Anyway… about me… I am a girl, I like cats and fish and frogs and being noisy and making a mess and colouring with Crayolas and killing things on WoW and reading books and seeing new places and Science and baking and EATING, and throwing myself into any body of water nearby and drinking wine and shrieking and volunteering and lifting weights that are heavier than me and building forts in my house and writing about it all.

Scientist by day… Lekki the bounty hunter by night.

Me, a year ago, after one night’s baking.

This is me now (November 2012):

I think my personality is pretty true to the above statement. But, obviously, in 3.5 years I grew up a little. I still approach life with impulsivity and passion (and a lot of noise) but in becoming a faculty member (and a research scientist), an independent research scientist, a wife and a Mum, I think I have acquired some other skills I would be proud of: a deeper appreciation for healthy living (love my running!), more of a work focus and a recognition that the happiness I truly seek is not encapsulated by all the fun above (although I hope never to lose all of those), but by a contentment that comes through a fulfilling spiritual life (for me, I am a Christian), a happy husband and baby and an unconditional (er… still working on that one) and giving love for my friends and family – no matter how distant in time, space or history.

I still throw myself into many bodies of water 😉

About this blog:

Well I didn’t know how it would turn out, but it turned out to be mainly posts on healthy living (sport and food), my job, my baby and the odd rant about a random topic, usually related to the news or equality. As this is quite eclectic, I am in the process of putting links to each of these broad topics, in the top banner of my homepage, with a list of related posts which can be clicked on. Random posts still exist and can be somewhat navigated to by the list of categories to the right. To the right there are also chronological archives, a list of ‘tags’, and some info on what I am reading at the moment. Enjoy looking around and please feel free to email me suggestions.

Oh, this blog also seems to be a blog of typos. I try to get rid of them, I do, but I am dyslexic (hence why the writing style may also be a bit cluttered) and more importantly, this blog is enormous fun for me, and I don’t want it to be a chore. So apologies in advance, and again – you’re welcome to point the most heinous out.

Following me

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